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Will it be sunny when I arrive?

Before you travel, it’s always good to know what the weather will be like! Unfortunately we do not have a crystal ball, but hopefully the chart below will give you a fair idea on what to expect.

Fiji enjoys an ideal South Seas tropical climate. It is thus a perfect holiday destination, especially for those trying to escape the severe Northern Hemisphere winters. Maximum summer temperatures average 31 degrees Celsius (88 degrees Fahrenheit) and the minimum is 22 Degrees Celsius (72 degrees Fahrenheit).

The winter average maximum is 29 degrees Celsius (84 degrees Fahrenheit) and the mean minimum is 19 degrees Celsius (66 degrees Fahrenheit). It can be much cooler in the highlands of the interior of the larger islands. Cooling trade winds blow from the east south east for most of the year. It usually drops to a whisper in the evening and picks up again by mid morning. Fiji has a climate ideally suited for the outdoors, the beach and surf, water sports and relaxing! 

If you would like up to the minute weather and alerts, you should visit the Fiji Meteorological Service Click Here

Nadi and the West CoastAverage Maximum Temp CAverage Minimum Temp CAverage RainfallAverage Rainy Days
January 31.6 22.7 299mm 18
February 31.5 23.0 302mm 18
March 31.1 22.6 324mm 19
April 30.6 21.7 163mm 12
May 29.8 20.1 78mm 7
June 29.2 19.3 62mm 6
July 28.5 18.3 46mm 5
August 28.7 18.4 58mm 5
September 29.4 19.3 77mm 6
October 30.2 20.4 103mm 9
November 30.9 21.5 138mm 11
December 31.4 22.1 159mm 13