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Responsible Tourism Code of Practice

By making environmentally friendly, sustainable ethical and respectful choices when travelling, you can make a real difference. Here are 6 easy ways you can help:

Learn about the country and its culture

Remember that each country in the Pacific is unique

  • Be aware of local religious and social customs
  • Dress and behave respectfully especially in villages, religious and cultural areas
  • Learn key words in the local language
  • Respect the dignity and privacy of others
  • Ask before taking photos
  • Visit the visitor centre on arrival for local information

Minimise environmental impact

  • Dispose of rubbish carefully, recycle where possible, reuse your drink bottles and shopping bags
  • Minimise water and energy use
  • Choose environmentally responsible tour operators

Protect the coral

  • Do not buy products made from coral, endangered plants or animals
  • Do not stand on, touch or remove any items from the reef, including coral

Support local initiatives

  • Purchase local products, arts and crafts
  • Eat local rather than imported food
  • Support local tour operators and stay in locally owned accommodation
  • If you want to gift money, support community projects rather than individuals

Pay a fair price

  • Bargaining for goods may not be appropriate behaviour
  • If the price is negotiable, pay a price that is fair for the seller and maker

Think about your impact

  • Remember you are a guest – always behave respectfully
  • Practise safe and responsible sex
  • Make your trip a positive experience for both you and the people in the country you visit