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Honeymoon FAQ's

Do I need to bring proof of marriage? 
Yes, some resorts offer honeymoon specials or value added extras in which case they will ask for proof of marriage.

What are the passport requirements?

Your passport must be valid for 6 months after travel and an airline ticket for return or onward travel. 

When the best time to travel to the Fiji Islands and what is the Weather Like in Fiji?

The Fiji Islands is a year round destination and depending on your weather preference, the dry season is from May to October when the island temperatures are cooler and there is less rainfall and humidity. The rainy season which is just enough to sustain the lush vegetation and sweet-smelling tropical flowers on the islands allows sunshine most of the day is from November to April. Fiji and her Islands are a tropical paradise climate in the South Pacific that take pleasure in year round sunshine and cool ocean breezes.  Daytime temperatures on an average are 77 degrees F, and humidity is generally high.  Summer is hot and averages 96F. 

Is travel insurance really important?

Insurance really bestows a "peace of mind". It will protect you for any unforeseeable situations, such as a medical emergency to you or an immediate family member. It will also cover you medically while you are on vacation, as well as lost or stolen luggage, luggage delay, trip delay etc. Stiff penalties from the tour operators apply for any cancellations, so insurance is very wise. 

How much will it cost to honeymoon in Fiji ?

You roughly spent around $FJ 25O - $FJ 400 $FJ a day (not included the plane ticket). That included meals plus transfers to the islands - shuttles + boats. If you do decide to go there, do not stay on the mainland too long as there is not much to do. Go to the islands, it is very beautiful. Activities range from what you normally pick to do.

Some resorts offer free activities depending on what you're doing, like for example snorkeling you put a deposit down for the equipment but get it back. Jetski was about $FJ 100 for an hour. That's about 50 American dollars. Most things you will find are relatively cheap.

Are there any luxurious resort to spend a honeymoon in Fiji or cheapeast resort for honeymoon in fiji?

Fiji is one of the top 5 destinations for honeymoon in the world.There are many luxurious resorts but affordable and cheap resorts in fiji where you can enjoy an unforgetable honeymoon.