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Fiji is known as "The Soft Coral Capital of the World". Diving in Fiji is reminiscent of dining at a 5 star restaurant because of it is incredible and the Warm, clear water, great visibility, myriad colorful fish and coral. Every dive in Fiji will be diverse but just as rewarding and enjoyable because you are with friendly, professional people who make sure you get the best from your dive and for you to experience the best diving holidays ever.

Conditions and underwater sights differ greatly in Fiji and while some places are serene and great for learning, most dive sites will enjoy some current, ranging from barely noticeable to very strong. It is this presence of current that makes the diving in the Fiji Islands so rich. 

If you are certified or not you can easily dive in the pool of your resort with dive instructors for a free trial and if you like it you can take that introductory dive .Most resort and dive operators offer diving lessons and courses which are recognized worldwide and can allow you to dive anywhere in the world.

The best diving season is between April and October but from June to August the water cools significantly and full 3mm wetsuits are recommended. The costs of dives vary from F$65 to F$130. 


Dive Courses

Dive courses array from PADI Discover Scuba Diver and PADI Junior Open Water Diver through to PADI Open Water Instructor. Whether you just want to seek diving for the first time or increase your diving  skills, our dive operators can cater to everyone’s needs.

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Which months is the best diving season in Fiji?
The main diving season is from April to October but you can dive here anytime of the year. Visibility is most excellent from July to September when the surface can be a little choppy and as cool as 22°C. The rainy season runs through the summer from November to March, when the water temperature can reach 30°C and there is an increased chance of cyclones.

Which dive destination is best for beginners?
Many of Fiji dive destinations for instance Taveuni, Beqa Lagoon and Kadavu are appropriate for inexperienced divers .You can also complete scuba certification courses and learn to dive in Taveuni or Kadavu. The exhilarating shark feed dive at Shark Reef in Viti Levu is not suitable for beginners because the first dive is to 30m depth and you must have at least 10 logged dives under your belt.

Can anyone do THE SHARK DIVE?
Due to the depth of the dive, only certified divers may be present .Ideally, divers should have a total of at least 30 dives, with 5 or more in the 30m/100ft range. Divers with less than 30 dives are obligatory to be supervised during the deep section of the dive.

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